Garderie du Servan Lausanne VD

École primaire de Montchoisi et école primaire de La Croix d’Ouchy

une dizaine d’enfants et une collaboratrice atteints par la Covid.

10 kids and 1 child care assistant were announced as covid positive on 30.11 in the garderie du Servan in group Ecoliers Montchoisi and Croix d’ouchy. The kids from the garderie are going to 2 different primary school ( Montchoisi and Croix d’Ouchy) and dispatched in various different class. We didn’t receive any information from the school on any potential cases there.
From the garderie, we received the instructions from médecin cantonal to keep kid at home if any light symptoms and do a PCR test, but no test organised to test the full group.

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