Cescole Colombier NE


„It’s spreading around everywhere in that college because of different level 1 and 2 having different classes mixing together. Math 1 or math2 ( meaning more advance level ), French 1 and 2 and at the 10 degrees ( age 13 -14 )  they have even more classes mixing … German English Science 1 or 2
I am sure it is the same in most college across Switzerland cases after cases ..“ 


„2 days ago 6 on the 8 classes of xy had a Covid cases, today it is all 8 of them.
8 classes total with Covid cases still going to school and 1 class in quarantine which means there are more then 3 cases in that class.

We never had a pool test in this school.
Don’t think they do it in this college

On the 22 of October the school decided to remove the obligation to wear a mask. On the 25 of October I got a message that 1 student was positive to Covid and all students should put their masks on until 5th of November.

So they had decided to drop masks mandate when the season get colder and the virus was already around …“

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